4px Express

sample: MP00658349XSG http://www.4px.com/ contact:86-755-23508000

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Why Tracking Number invalid Or No Result

  • Less Or More a digit number or space between the tracking number.
  • Parcel just pickup by courier or post on today ,Therefor System haven’t Updated and Please Try On Night or Tomorrow Morning.
  • Wrong Tracking Number or Wrong Courier Company.
  • System Maintenance -For Example :Kangaroo Express System Maintenance at 12am-6am in everyday

  • PickUp-包裹已发货
  • Pending Clearance-正在安排清关中
  • ShortLanded’-包裹未能按时到达
  • Flight Delay-航班延误
  • Off-Load/Short On Arrival-包裹未能按时上机/航班拉货
  • About Us

    4PX express(www.4px.com)provides total solutions for brands, manufacturers, merchants in cross-border ecommerce industry, powered by robust logistics foundation and core competence in information technologies.

    4PX Group focuses on three industries within the cross-border ecosystem: software, commerce and logistics. With 40+ subsidiaries, 14 overseas companies, 2600+ employees and RMB 3 billion in annual turnover, 4PX has become the No.1 service provider for cross-border e-commerce in China.

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