Abx Express Tracking Malaysia

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Why Tracking Number invalid Or No Result

  • Less Or More a digit number or space between the tracking number.
  • Parcel just pickup by courier or post on today ,Therefor System haven’t Updated and Please Try On Night or Tomorrow Morning.
  • Wrong Tracking Number or Wrong Courier Company.
  • System Maintenance -For Example :Kangaroo Express System Maintenance at 12am-6am in everyday

  • About Us

    Q: Why I cannot trace my shipment?
    A: Your shipment did not arrive at ABX facility yet. Your shipment being sent out from China on 15 January 2014. Expected arrival/clearance by 17 January 2014.

    Q: What is ‘Short Landed’?
    A: Short landed means Cargo volume count (at delivery destination) less than originally shipped.

    Q: What is ‘Pending Dexi clearance’?
    A: Dexi has appointed its own clearance agent to do custom clearance, while ABX will receive the shipment from those agent and do delivery to customer. ‘Pending Dexi clearance’ means ABX still did not receive shipment from those Dexi clearance agent.

    Q: What is EDI?
    A: EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It refers to electronic or online transaction between ABX and Kastam during declaration of the goods. EDI charges are a documentation fee for the custom declaration of K1 and ABX will charge to customer RM35.00 per transaction.

    Q: What is K1 form?
    A: K1 form is a form for declaration of imported goods into Malaysia.

    Q: Why my shipment being held by custom?
    A: All imported goods into Malaysia is mandatory for Kastam assessment and inspection. Kastam have right to ask for imported goods to be declared and duty, if any, to be collected.

    Q: When my shipment can release from Kastam?
    A: For normal goods, it takes 24-48hours after declaration. However, for special cases, such as involve OGA, it required more than 48hours to be cleared. If any Ap or relevant document being required to release the goods, the success of clearance depend on a validity of documents.

    Q: What is OGA?
    A: OGA refer to Other Government Agencies. For example, goods like cosmetic, required approval from Pharmacy department from Ministry of Health, before Kastam clearance. Kastam and Ministry of Health are both government agency. Kastam will refer Ministry of Health as OGA, and vice-verse.