Ninja Van Malaysia

sample:MYZAL-201757947-6647 contact:+60 154-8480089

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Why Tracking Number invalid Or No Result

  • Less Or More a digit number or space between the tracking number.
  • Parcel just pickup by courier or post on today ,Therefor System haven’t Updated and Please Try On Night or Tomorrow Morning.
  • Wrong Tracking Number or Wrong Courier Company.
  • System Maintenance -For Example :Kangaroo Express System Maintenance at 12am-6am in everyday

  • Pending Pickup:Waiting Courier Pickup
  • Pending Delivery:No Delivery

  • About Us

    Logistics Designed for E-Commerce
    What are Ninja Van’s delivery hours?
    We pickup and deliver from Monday to Saturday (9am-10pm), excluding public holidays.

    What is my tracking ID?
    Ninja Van’s tracking IDs are not randomly system generated. We allow our users to define their own tracking IDs even before creating an order with us. Each shipper will be given a unique 3-letter prefix, tracking ID will be &<3-letter prefix&>&. For example, ABC12345.